Strategic Plans & Priorities

The SMA’s Strategic Plan (2015–2025) establishes its vision and goals. The SMA’s vision is to drive a strategic and long-term approach to stormwater management across South Australia, in collaboration with key stakeholders, that maximises social, environmental and economic outcomes and leads to a more integrated approach to urban water management and planning across the State.

The SMA has set the following strategic goals:

Goal 1
Stormwater planning and infrastructure investment targets the highest priority areas of the State and appropriate levels of investment are leveraged across all stakeholders.

Goal 2
Policy and legislative instruments support effective stormwater management, so as to maximise public value through social, environmental and economic outcomes, and require stormwater to be a key component of integrated urban water management across the State.

Goal 3
All stakeholders are effectively engaged in stormwater management decision making and are informed about the role stormwater plays in integrated urban water management.

The SMA’s priorities for stormwater management planning are set out in the Stormwater Management Planning Priorities for South Australia 2022.