Strategic Plans & Priorities

The Stormwater Management Authority (SMA) has prepared its latest strategic plan as a requirement of the 2013 Agreement on Stormwater Management between the State of South Australia and the Local Government Association of South Australia (the Stormwater Agreement). SMA’s Strategic Plan (2023-2032) sets the direction for the SMA’s activities over a ten-year horizon, and is supported by the SMA’s Business Plan, Stormwater Management Planning Priorities for South Australia 2022 and individual stormwater management plans prepared by councils or groups of councils.

The SMA has set the following strategic goals:

Goal 1
Stormwater is recognised as an integral part of urban water management.

Goal 2
Opportunities for stormwater to provide public health and economic benefits are maximised.

Goal 3
Impacts of stormwater on people, property and the environment are mitigated.