In South Australia, stormwater management is a responsibility that is shared between the state government, local government and private landowners. Reflecting this shared responsibility, the South Australian Government and the Local Government Association (LGA) of South Australia have partnered in the formation of the Stormwater Management Authority (SMA).

The SMA was established on 1 July 2007 and operates under the Local Government (Stormwater Management Agreement) Amendment Act 2016. The SMA comprises a nine member board appointed by the Minister for Environment and Water.

The SMA acts as a stormwater planning and prioritisation body for South Australia. The SMA promotes the development of integrated Stormwater Management Plans (SMPs) by local government, and administers the Stormwater Management Fund to assist local government with the costs of stormwater management planning and stormwater infrastructure.

The SMA works closely with the LGA, the Department for Environment and Water, and landscape boards.

Our plans and priorities can be viewed here.