Mr Stephen Hains

Presiding Member

Stephen is a Life Fellow of the Australian Planning Institute and a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He has served as the Presiding Member of the SMA Board since 2012. Previously Stephen was the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Salisbury, a role he held for twenty-years between 1991 and 2011, during which time Salisbury established world-leading processes for the recycling and reuse of stormwater. Currently a Deputy Chancellor of Flinders University, he serves as Chair or member on a number of government and not-for profit boards. Stephen brings significant experience in land-use planning and planning reform to the SMA Board

Mr Wally Iasiello

Deputy Presiding Member

Wally served the City of Port Adelaide Enfield for over 25 years as its Director Technical Services (and 2 years as Acting Chief Executive Officer). He has extensive experience in stormwater planning and engineering. Previously Wally has served as a member of the South Australian Flood Warning Consultative Committee, a Board member of the South Australian Coast Protection Board, and member of the previous Catchment Management Subsidy Scheme Committee, which was the predecessor to the SMA. For many years Wally was also a member of the Engineering Functional Services Committee that provides support response and recovery activities during (and after) an emergency as part of the State Emergency Management Plan.

Mr Trevor Daniell


Trevor is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Australia and an Associate Professor in the School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering at the University of Adelaide. He has held senior technical and management positions in Federal, State and Territory government water resource organisations. Trevor maintains a keen interest in hydrology as the Chair or member of a number of international associations and technical committees, such as the UNESCO International Hydrological Program, and brings to the SMA extensive experience in hydrology, catchment and floodplain management. He has performed research in both water quality and quantity of urban stormwater and has been a Visiting Professor at Institutes in both France and Germany. Trevor has received many awards in Australia and internationally for his work.

Councillor Dr Helen Donovan


Helen is the Executive Director of Walking SA, a member of the State Records Council and a serving Adelaide City Councilor. Helen has over fifteen-years experience delivering behavioral change projects and programs within the private and not-for-profit sectors. She is practicing psychologist and her career has focused on achieving community wellbeing through policy setting, behavioral change and re-shaping the urban environment. Helen brings to the SMA Board a commitment to the sustainable development and management of infrastructure and skills in project management and public policy development.

Mr Simon Sherriff


Simon is the Manager, Strategic Projects for the Light Regional Council where he is responsible for the delivery of a suite of economic development initiatives for the region, including his role as Chair of the Roseworthy Township Expansion Infrastructure Taskforce. Simon brings a broad array of technical, leadership, management, governance and business development experience to the SMA Board, drawn from more than 20-year’s working locally, nationally and in the UK across the public and private sectors in economic development, renewables, climate change, water, environment and natural resources management.